Spoon Fruit

Spoon Fruit


Pith from citrus fruit 4 lemon's worth
Water 1.5 cups
Sugar 1 cup

Prepare the pith by zesting the citrus fruit and removing all flesh and skin from the inside.

Cut the pith into strips (if using lemons, quarters work), roll, and pierce with a toothpick.

note: you may save rolled pith in the freezer until you have enough to use.

Blanch the rolled pith 4 times, replacing the water each time.

note: you cannot skip this step. This takes the bitterness out of the pith.

Clear pot, add water and sugar.

Melt sugar over medium heat, then lower heat and simmer for around 30 minutes, stirring regularly, until syrup is reduced by half and looks glossy and viscous.

Push pith off skewers and jar with syrup.

serving suggestion: add to plain yogurt


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