Whether it’s filled with cheese, meat, or fruit, one thing is certain: Turnovers are a delight to eat.


A turnover is a type of pastry made by placing a filling on a piece of dough, folding the dough over, and sealing it.

Turnovers can be sweet.

Examples include: cherry, apple, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry

Turnovers can be savory.

Examples include: meat, cheese, vegetables, fish.

Below is a list of a few turnover choices to make and enjoy:

  • Beerocks (German) — Filled with cabbage and meat
  • Calzones (Italian) — Filled with tomato sauce, meat and cheese
  • Dim Sum (Chinese) — Filled with meat, fish or vegetables
  • Empanadas (Latin) — Filled with sweet potatoes & meats
  • Pastelillos (Latin) — Meat, onions, raisins, capers & egg
  • Pasties (English) — Potatoes, vegetables & ground meat
  • Pastelitos Fritos (Brazilian) — Fried turnovers with meat & cheese
  • Pierogies (Polish) — Filled with potatoes, vegetables or fruit
  • Saltena (South American) — Typical meat pies
  • Samosas (India) — Filled with chick peas, potatoes and spices
  • Sanbousic (Middle Eastern) — Filled with cheese and dill
  • Stromboli (Italian) — Filled with cheese, meats & veggies
  • Spanakopita (Greek) — Spinach, cottage cheese, feta & olives

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